Let’s Get Fitted

As a Trek Concept Store we offer two fit options that cater for all levels of cyclists looking to get the best fit for their new or existing bike:



Basic Seat Height Adjustment
Saddle Position
Shoe setup and cleat adjustment
Handlebar Height & Position Adjustment



Why Fit: Enduarance athletes seeking efficiency. Fitness novices craving comfort. No matter the motivation, no one is better equipped to help guide your bike selection and dial in your body position than a Trek Precision Fit technician.
The personal fitting experience will address your specific needs, giving you a tailor-made solution that will lead to countless hours of faster, more comfortable, more enjoyable riding.
Trek Precision Fit: A proven process: Every step involves dynamic feedback between you and your Trek Precision Fit technician. When you walk out the door, you will not only know more about proper posture and position, but you’ll take away a complete assessment that documents your specific needs and preferences.


1. The Interview
2. Physical Assessment
3. Shoe Setup
During the personal interview, your Trek Precision Fit technician will begin to understand your unique cycling needs. He/she will assess your flexibility, listen to your fitness goals and help you talk through known health issues
4. Starting Positions
5. Lower Body Setup
During a lower body evaluation, a Trek Precision Fit technician will conduct a thorough assessment to determine your ideal cleat position, leg extension, saddle selection and position, making incremental changes to create ideal biomechanical alignment that optimiSes posture and power.
6. Upper Body Setup
During an upper body evaluation, a Trek Precision Fit technician will match your body’s natural alignment with the appropriate stem angle and reach, as well as the proper handlebar shape and width.
7. Record, Advise & Follow up
8. Complete Fit Form
After the personal interview and body evaluations, your Trek Precision Fit technician will briefly review known issues listed during the interview, highlight the changes made during your fit, and break down the benefits you, as the rider, can expect. After your appointment, if needed, we recommend a follow up appointment to fine tune your position.

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